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Tomb of the Mask

Tomb Of The Mask will take you to explore mysterious tombs deep underground. You will be transformed into a tomb to explore the mysterious underground.

Two modes in this game

You will participate in an exciting and challenging adventure that awaits you. When entering the game you will find the first mask and there will be two game modes for you to choose from: "Map" and "Arcade".

Map mode

First, the "Map" mode is quite suitable for entertainment needs and for children to play. Because in this mode, you just need to skillfully move and collect as many stars as possible to achieve the best results at the end of the game.

Arcade mode

With "Arcade" mode, it's exactly what you need if you love conquering challenges. In this mode, you will need to concentrate and react flexibly because there will be millions of difficult challenges that will hinder you. You need to be skillful to overcome obstacles and also have to be very fast because you will have to race against the increasing water level.

How to explore and escape from tombs in Tomb Of The Mask

Your only companion throughout this exciting adventure is a mask with functions that help you overcome risky but exciting challenges. To discover these mysterious tombs filled with treasures, you will have to overcome a series of difficult challenges such as dangerous obstacles, lurking enemies, and rising water levels... that require you You must have great gaming skills and dexterity to be able to overcome this difficult challenge.

Purchase some useful items in the shop

If you want to play other levels or unfortunately if you lose and want to play again, you will have to lose energy points. To get energy points you can wait to restore or you can buy them in the "Shop" section, don't worry about money because you can earn it through collecting during the game. Another interesting thing in the "Shop" section is that you can buy different character designs. Each character design will have different support functions depending on the value of the money you spend to buy them.

Take advantage of some support functions

Don't worry if you don't have enough ability to overcome the super difficult levels in this game because the game also provides functions to help you conquer game challenges such as the ability to freeze enemies, and leave. shield protects you from enemies for a short time. In addition, this game also offers a variety of masks with different special functions. Collect enough coins to unlock the mask and experience its interesting functions.

Tips and tricks in Tomb Of The Mask

To be able to conquer this exciting and adventurous journey, intelligence and quick reflexes are the key. Now, you also can follow some tips here to pass many levels of this challenging game.

  • First, when starting a level, you need to have an overall view of the maze in the tomb to know which direction is safe, where your opponents are, and find the appropriate and fastest way to escape. the tomb.
  • During the game, you must find a way to collect as much energy and coins as possible. A good tip for you is that when starting a level, you should move around in a narrow area to collect all the energy and coins around because that will usually be a safe place, without opponents and traps.
  • Next, you must always observe the actions of your enemies to avoid their traps and attacks. Moving at the right time is also a good way to help you avoid enemy traps and attacks.
  • Managing your energy well and collecting lots of coins can prolong your adventure and unlock more support tools to make your exploration experience more fun and exciting.

Factors make Tomb Of The Mask attractive

The game has a simple 2D graphic design but has an extremely unique style. The main colors are black, purple, and red... quite simple but extremely suitable for the adventure of exploring the tomb. The graphic design makes the tomb mysterious and strange.

At the same time, the game possesses a super "smooth" movement effect that makes your gaming experience comfortable and interesting when controlling the character as you wish easily.

Coming to the game, you will return to your childhood with the familiar sounds of classic Arcade games. Familiar music with fast and vibrant rhythms makes you excited and excited.

Graphics, sound, and moving effects have made the game more attractive and interesting than ever. That has attracted a large number of players to accompany and explore the mysterious underground world together.

Player community of this game

As an annual practice, each year the game Tomb Of The Mask opens many tournaments and forums on social networks to connect players. Through events and forums, players can share gaming experiences, interesting experiences when playing games, and their exciting adventures and achievements thereby helping to bond. Players around the world come together to become a community of civilized players.

With graphic and sound design and exciting experiences when exploring the strange things hidden deep underground, this game can conquer everyone, even the picky ones. So what are you waiting for? Put on your mask and start the adventure of discovering the mysteries in these deep underground tombs.