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Introducing the game Slices

Slices is a puzzle game of assembling complete watermelons. If the melons are completely arranged, they will disappear along with the two adjacent cells.

How to play

You are given circular boards divided into sections like pizzas, each section is a slice of watermelon. Play involves placing these pieces strategically to form complete circles, which then disappear, making way for new pieces, and earning points.

You receive each piece of watermelon and must place them on one of the round tables available. The key to success lies in carefully planning where to place each piece of watermelon to maximize the number of finished watermelons. Misplaced pieces can lead to a messy board and missed scoring opportunities.

Complete the melons

When you successfully fill all segments of the circular board with watermelon pieces, the complete cake disappears, making room for more pieces and rewarding the player with points.


Use the mouse.