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Save the Imposter

Introduction The Save the Imposter

Rescue the imposter from the danger of bees in the game Save the Imposter. You are tasked with protecting the impostor for 6 seconds of safety.

The game introduces various dangers that can threaten the impostor's safety. Bees take to the air, eager to sting, while water hazards can quickly engulf and drown the impostor. You must anticipate these dangers and strategize accordingly. You will have to create a barrier that repels the bees or a barrier that ensures the impostor remains dry and unharmed.

How to play

As you embark on each level, you're tasked with drawing a guard line to protect the impostor for a full six seconds. The challenge lies in using your imagination and resourcefulness to design a barrier that can withstand the dangers that constantly lurk in the impostor's path. After 6 seconds, if the impostor is safe, you will pass the challenge.

Dangers are always lurking

You will encounter many different dangers and obstacles that threaten the safety of the impostor at all levels. From swarms of bees to puddles, you must move through each level while avoiding these dangers and making sure the impostor safely passes the 6s. Besides, you also face moving obstacles and other environmental hazards that require quick thinking and precise timing to overcome. With each level presenting new challenges and obstacles to overcome, Save the Imposter offers a fresh and exciting experience with each playthrough. You are wishing you lots of luck in overcoming the challenges!

How to control

Use the mouse.