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Mario Combat Deluxe

Defend the city with Mario

Join Mario in defending the city against the evil Koopa turtles and their leader to protect the peaceful city in the game Mario Combat Deluxe.

In the inherently peaceful mushroom kingdom, suddenly a group of evil Koopa turtles came to threaten and attack creatures in the city. For too long, Mario has endured the fear of losing his beloved Princess Peach to these vile creatures. With unwavering determination and a burning fire in his heart, Mario embarks on a daring quest to reclaim his homeland and get rid of the Koopa threat once and for all. Please join Mario in this difficult challenge!

The turtles are becoming more and more numerous, always aiming for Mario as a target to attack, but Mario is not afraid at all, he is still resolutely ready to fight.

Victory depends on you

To win, you must rely on your creative ability to control Mario. Use the Arrow keys to guide Mario forward and backward, moving through treacherous terrain and deadly traps. Jump over obstacles by pressing the A key, showing off Mario's legendary agility and acrobatic skills. When facing enemies, unleash devastating punches and kicks by pressing the S key, bringing swift justice to those who dare oppose you. You must be quick or your opponent will attack Mario at any time. But you have a lifesaver in times of danger: press the D key to attack your opponent with fire. But be aware, using fire blast leaves Mario vulnerable to counterattacks, so timing and strategy are important to your success.

Overcome a series of challenges through each level

Through each level you press the spacebar to move to the next level, the challenges will become increasingly more difficult and dangerous from dangerous cliffs and bottomless pits to relentless enemies, every step is full of dangers. This challenging level adds a sense of accomplishment as players overcome difficult obstacles and defeat powerful enemies.