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Fruit Ninja

About Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a fruit-slashing game with simple and easy gameplay. Your mission is to cut as many fruits as possible, and you also need to avoid bombs.

How to play

When you start playing, you will be instructed to start playing, move the mouse to slash all the fruits and coins on the screen. Each time you slash a fruit, you will get 2 extra points. You will get more points if you can hit many fruits in one slash. Sometimes bombs will be thrown up along with fruit. In case you hit the bomb, the screen will immediately stop and the game will end.

Interesting points included in the game Fruit Ninja

You can choose 1 of 3 game modes: Zen, Classic, or Arcade to test yourself:

Zen mode: allows players to be unhindered by bombs and has 90 seconds.

Classic mode: the player must slash all the fruits thrown up and if 3 fruits miss, the game ends, but when the score is a multiplier of 100, the player has 1 extra life.

Arcade mode: the player only has 60 seconds but the player is supplemented with bananas that double the score.

Besides, there is also a multiplayer mode, but you must download the game to your device to get additional support for this mode. In multiplayer rankings mode, you will compete on daily, weekly, and monthly... In multiplayer, the player's blue blade and fruit are different from the opponent's red. The player only You can slash your own fruit and must avoid your opponent's fruit. White fruits can both be slashed and count as 3 points.


Addictive gameplay and beautiful graphics keep players hooked

Simple gameplay suitable for all ages

Beautiful graphics and vivid sound stimulate players

Train observation and reflexes

How to control

Use the mouse.