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Uno Online

Uno Online is a famous classic entertainment game that can be played by many people. Each card has a task and you must play all the cards the fastest to win.

General introduction to the game Uno Online

The Uno Online deck includes 108 cards with 4 colors: red, yellow, blue, and green. Each number will be used twice with the same set of colors. So we will have 80 cards with colors and numbers and for each set of colors, we will have 20 cards.

In addition, in the deck, there will be 28 special cards including Skip Card, Wild Card, Wild Draw Four Card, and reversed card. These special cards are often called Action cards because each card allows you to perform a single action.

Explain the meaning of the cards

  • Skip Card: This is a powerful card because when you use it, the next person who plays you will lose their turn, cannot play the card, and have to wait until the next turn.
  • Reversed card: This type of card has 2 cards in 1 set that change the direction of the card. For example: you are playing clockwise but when this card is used the player will have to play counterclockwise.
  • Draw Two Card: This is a card that has the function of accumulating.
  • 2 cards of different colors or +4. The person playing immediately after you will have to draw 2 more cards if there is no card with the same function. This card can be played when your opponent uses a card of the same color as the +2 card you have.
  • Wild Draw Four Card: Oh, this is quite an interesting and powerful card because when you use it, you will be allowed to choose the color for the next turn and the next player will have to draw 4 more cards. But if the opponent also has a card with the same function, the Combo rule will be used.
  • Wild Card: When using this card, you will be able to choose the color of the card for the next turn. If used wisely, this card will make your opponent afraid of you.

Game Rules

When you press the "Play now" button on the screen, the game will start, at this point, you will be able to choose the game mode. For example, if you only play alone, you can choose to play with the server or Online mode to let the server search for any players to help you and of course, in this mode, you will also be able to choose the number of players.

First, the server will deal each player 7 cards, the remaining number will be placed face down in the middle. Then, the server will take the first card from the pile of face-down cards to choose the first card to play and determine the next turn (in clockwise order). Players need to play according to the following rules:

Same color or same number as the previously played card

  • Play special cards such as Skip Card, Draw Card 2, Wild Draw 4 Cards, and Wild Cards.
  • If you do not have valid cards as above, you will have to draw more cards face down in the middle and continue to play. If you do not have valid cards to play, you will have to draw again until when you find a valid playing card.
  • Don't forget to press the "Uno" button if you only have 2 cards left to notify your opponent and to avoid having to receive additional cards from the system.
  • The game will end when one of the many players runs out of cards.

Tips and tricks to help you have an easier win

First, you need to know how to handle the situation when you receive a penalty card like Draw Card Two or Draw Four Card, then you can use the Wild Card as a "salvage" for your game. When you have to receive a Skip Card, use the Draw Two Card to make things difficult for your opponent.

Always carefully observe the details of the match and change tactics flexibly to bring victory.

With simple rules similar to traditional games combined with unique sound design and graphics, Tomb of the Mask is a suitable game for you no matter what age you are.

How to play

Use the mouse.