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Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is a video game released in 2013 and is ranked as one of the most difficult games to conquer. You must control the bird to overcome obstacles.

Introducing the game Flappy Bird

The world-famous Flappy Bird game since 2013 was created and developed by a Vietnamese person. According to user reviews, the game can captivate players or it can also make them press the screen a few times and then delete it immediately because playing makes it very difficult and frustrating. Because of that, the game is increasingly spreading around the world.

How to play

You must press the left mouse button or the space key continuously to keep the bird flying and bouncing. The bird needs to fly through the gaps between the two blue tubes, the bird will fly from left to right according to the computer screen. Every time you pass a pair of pipes, you will be given 1 point and the game ends when you collide with an obstacle. If you just make a mistake, the bird will crash into a column or fall to the ground.

Flappy Bird game challenges

At first glance, the game seems very simple like the game Tomb Of The Mask, but when participating in the game, it is very difficult to control the bird, which is a huge challenge for many players. Because of that, the game has created huge appeal around the world. Up to now, very few people can overcome the challenge.

This game is also said to be a crazy, annoying, difficult, and frustrating game because it is very difficult for players to control and easy to collide with the pair of blue pipes. However, in addition to mixed opinions, it also receives positive reviews. Positive comments are addictive to those who like challenges.