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Subway surfers

About the game Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a fun action role-playing game, you will control a boy running across tracks, train cars, and tunnels to run away from the police and his dog.

Attractive game title

The game Subway Surfers is a game with an endless train track with no ending point, creating excitement for players. You control the character to run on train cars and avoid oncoming obstacles such as tunnel walls, barriers, traffic lights, train cars, etc. On the way, you must collect all items such as money. , gold, x2 points, high boots, magnet, skateboard, boosters, keys. When you are caught by the police, the game is over, but you can use the key to revive and continue your journey.

Interesting missions

Your mission is to run as long as possible but need to avoid obstacles. However, the longer you play, the faster the speed becomes, making you uncomfortable because many obstacles cannot react in time, which is why this game has the power to attract both children and adults.

Daily and weekly there are different missions, you can perform missions in Tomb of the Mask to receive many valuable rewards.

The characters

Currently, in the store there are 18 characters with different levels of accuracy. You can use the collected coins to buy characters, with each character having a maximum of 3 costumes, and the store has 17 costumes. Indefinite skateboards are on sale.

Power-up items

When you collide with an obstacle, you can always use the key to revive the character. With each revival, the key will cost you more than the previous time.

Boosters and magnets: using boosters will fly higher and faster when at high altitude there will be no obstacles and the magnet will attract all surrounding items on the run.

Tips and Tricks

Eat as many stars: On the run, try to eat as many stars as possible to x2, 3, 4, or even x30 times the score depending on the situation. The faster you run, the higher the score multiplier.

Run on the roof of the train: Try to run on the roof of the train because there will be fewer obstacles on the roof than below.

Buy super-speed skateboards: When you have enough coins, you should buy super-speed skateboards to increase your sliding speed, and when using x355 combined skateboards, the bonus increases rapidly.

Buy green energy and blue stars: when buying green energy or blue stars, the bonus is x35 compared to normal and helps you increase your strength.

Jump a lot to keep distance: at normal speed, it's easy to be caught by the police so you have to jump a lot to keep your distance and collect the coin hanging in the air.

Swipe down to land faster: when running at high speed, you should swipe down to land fastest and jump back and forth between train cars to avoid unexpected obstacles.


The game creates an engaging feeling that helps you have extremely good reflexes and judgment

Buy many characters so you have the best experience when playing

Beautiful graphics, vivid colors, exciting and engaging sound

The movements of the animals are lively, creating excitement when playing

How to play

Use the arrow keys to help the character safely overcome obstacles.