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Crossy Road

About the game Crossy Road

Crossy Road is an adventurous journey of a character crossing endless roads and rivers of railways. You are responsible for controlling the character to continuously move forward and avoid obstacles.

The engaging arcade game challenges you to guide various characters as they move through a constantly changing landscape filled with obstacles, traffic, and hazards. With simple yet addictive gameplay, vibrant pixel art graphics, and a quirky sense of humor.

How to play

Guide your character to go as far as possible without colliding with oncoming traffic, falling into the water, or being caught by a passing train. Along the way, you must also collect coins and power-ups to increase your score and unlock new characters to play with. With captivating visuals, a catchy soundtrack, and addictive gameplay, Crossy Road offers a fun and engaging experience that will keep you coming back for more with its charm.

Characters and items in the game


  • Chicken: This is the default character and icon of Crossy Road. Chickens have the ability to jump high and are easily recognized on the road.
  • Duck: Another character unlocked from the beginning, shaped like a chicken but with different colors and shapes.
  • Unicorn: A legendary character with a unique appearance and high jumping ability.
  • Piggy Bank: This character has the shape of a savings jar and is specially designed.


  • Coins: Coins are the currency in Crossy Road, used to unlock new characters and purchase other items in the game.
  • Hats: Hats are items that can be unlocked and used to customize your character. They add richness and personalization to the game.
  • Gifts: Gifts are random rewards that players can receive while playing the game. They may contain coins, new characters, or other special items.

Special character

  • Phantom: This is a special character appearing in Crossy Road, shaped like a ghost and appearing randomly. When playing with Phantom, the screen will become darker and the character will become part of the darkness.
  • Cupcake: Another special character whose shape and color resemble a cupcake. When using Cupcake, the playing environment will become a more colorful and sparkling environment.

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