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Marble Dash

About Marble Dash

Try to pass hundreds of levels and explore the mysterious forest found in Marble Dash. Break all the marbles in the game before they roll back into the cave.

How to play

Your goal is to remove all the marbles on the board by shooting 3 or more balls of the same color. The game will provide additional rocket power for you to attack many different colored balls at the same time. If your ball rolls back into the cave before you shoot it down the game will be over.

Explore various challenges in the Marble Dash

Each level you play will be part of a larger magical quest. You will explore mysterious fantasy forests, sunny beaches, and other enchanting environments as you progress through the game. An engaging storyline and beautifully designed levels keep the gameplay fresh and engaging, encouraging you to solve puzzles and discover the secrets of each magical land.

Many challenging levels

With over 500 levels to conquer, to play each level you need to unlock each level. Each level presents its own challenges and obstacles, requiring you to think strategically and use your marble-smashing skills to clear the board before the marbles are absorbed by the mysterious cave.

Mesmerizing graphics and sounds

The game's mesmerizing graphics and immersive sound effects create a magical atmosphere that enhances the overall experience. Vibrant colors, detailed environments, and smooth animations make each level visually appealing. Combined with eerie music and sound effects, Marble Dash offers a captivating sensory experience that draws you into its magical world.

How to control

Use the mouse.