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Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush is a game of quick reflexes to overcome many obstacles. Your task is to observe the constantly moving screen and overcome obstacles.

General introduction to the game

The game is set up with countless different 3D colors similar to Tomb Of The Mask, creating a feeling of excitement from the first seconds. You will have to move left or right to avoid objects. Passing each level, the game will gradually increase in difficulty, the screen will move faster, and you will have to control quickly to avoid hitting obstacles. move.

How to play

The cubes will rotate continuously to distract you. You need to control the mouse or click right and left to pass through the slots of different shapes, starting from level 1, the deeper you go, the higher the difficulty will be, in addition to the vivid 3D colors and catchy music. The book also makes the game more fun, thrilling, and dramatic.

Attractive gameplay

This game will train you to have extremely fast reflexes and flexible judgment. You need to pay attention to the moving speed and distance of the upcoming object.

Tips and Tricks

You need to move the buttons continuously to the right and left to have the best reflexes. When an obstacle comes, you should avoid it in the opposite direction. If the block rotates clockwise, we will avoid going to the left, thus saving distance and time to avoid collisions.
Keep calm and concentrate: As the game gets harder and faster, it's easy to make mistakes. Stay calm and focus on your judgment to pass the most difficult level.


Endless gameplay gives players many interesting experiences

The gameplay is simple, easy to play, suitable for all ages

3D graphics with vivid, attractive colors

Sound stimulates players, thrills, and attracts fun