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Moto X3M

About the game Moto X3M

Control the motorbike to overcome a series of difficult and fierce challenges such as bombs and traps to reach the finish line in the game Moto X3M.

Origin of the game Moto X3M

The game was developed by Madpuffers - an extremely famous founder because of the previous works he devoted to construction. In this game, you will experience the excitement of extremely attractive races with unpredictable challenges. With new features, smooth movement speed, and vivid graphics, the Tomb of the Mask game has become a favorite product for many people over the years.

Explore features

Levels and environments: the game offers a variety of levels set in different environments, including deserts, mountains, caves, and even outer space. Each level offers unique challenges and obstacles that help you have exciting experiences in many different locations.

Challenging Obstacles: The game has a lot of challenging obstacles such as ramps, loops, spikes, and exploding barrels. These obstacles require precise timing and skillful movement to overcome, adding excitement and difficulty to the game.

Time Trial Mode: Moto X3M includes a time trial mode where players can test their speed and accuracy. The goal is to complete levels as quickly as possible, competing against their own best times or challenging a friend's record.

Customize your motorbike: You have the option to customize your motorbike with a variety of leathers and colors with the condition that you must collect enough money equivalent to the value of the motorbike. This feature allows for personalization, adding a sense of ownership and uniqueness to the gaming experience.

Achievements and Leaderboards: Moto X3M rewards players with achievements for completing specific goals or reaching important milestones. Additionally, the game features leaderboards where players can compare their scores and achievements with other players globally, promoting healthy competition and a sense of community.

Attractive graphic and sound design

Moto The images in the game are sharp and detailed and the animations create the realism of the game.

How to play

Use arrow keys to accelerate and perform somersaults