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Slope 3

About Slope 3

Slope 3 is a rolling ball game set to rhythmic music with an endless track length. You are responsible for controlling the ball rolling through long slopes.

How to play

With the endless road, you need to control the ball rolling along slopes with different rough terrain. In the new version, many new features have been added to give players the feeling of wanting to conquer, interesting and exciting. challenge.

Starting the game, the ball will roll out of the tunnel. You need to control the ball by using the navigation keys to move the direction of the ball rolling through many different slopes. If the ball falls off the slope, your ball will fall into the abyss. At first glance, the game seems simple and easy to play, but in reality, it is very challenging for the player.


Curvy roads, dangerous terrain, and fast-moving speeds contribute to making the game more challenging and interesting.

Players need to accurately estimate and judge the path to overcome challenges.

The feature of sharing records on the leaderboard helps players compare their positions with others and compete for the highest position.

A special feature of Slope 3 is the dynamic change of the playing environment, making the game more diverse and interesting.

How to control

Use navigation keys.