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Solitaire Mahjong Farm

About Solitaire Mahjong Farm

Solitaire Mahjong Farm is a tile-laying game that combines classic scrabble and fun farming games. You have 15 minutes to clear all the sliders on the screen.

How to play

You must find and remove pairs of cells that are identical and not covered, only cells that are not covered and have at least one empty face can be selected. This rule adds an extra layer of strategy because you have to think ahead to make sure they don't block potential matches.

Theme combined with the farm

Plants (worth 5 points)

Animals (worth 10 points)

Fruits (worth 15 points)

Produce (worth 20 points)

Weather Conditions (worth 25 points)

Tools (worth 30 points)

Farm Sheds (worth 35 points)

Scoring system

Points are awarded based on the appropriate tile type, with different categories of farm-related items providing different points. This scoring system encourages players to prioritize certain matches to maximize their scores. The current score is displayed at the top of the playing field next to an image of gold coins, allowing players to track their progress in real-time.

Time limit

You must clear all tiles within the 15-minute time limit allowed by the game. This time constraint adds an interesting challenge, as you must balance speed with careful planning to avoid getting stuck.

How to control

Use the mouse.